On the initiative of its director Ivan Garaev, the Institute of Organic Agriculture (IoA), CERES and Organic Services met on the occasion of BIOFACH 2020 to discuss their cooperation on the certification of organic farms according to the EU regulation and the integration of data into Check Organic.

Ivan Garaev, the Institute of Organic Agriculture (IoA), CERES and Organic Services - BIOFACH 2020.

CERES is already active in Russia and is now also applying for accreditation in accordance with the Russian Organic Regulation that came into force on January 1, 2020. Gerald A. Herrmann from Organic Services and Ivan Garaev have been working together for more than two years, developing strategies for the credibility of Russian organic products. The Check Organic mass balance platform plays a central role in creating this credibility. Mass balancing can prevent fraud since the organic acreage, its yields and product transactions are recorded and certified by the external certifier, in this case CERES. The sold quantities can therefore be traced along the supply chain. This cooperation could set an important precedence for removing the Russian Federation from the list of countries that are subject to the EU special guidelines, if applied to the whole Federation. These guidelines require additional inspections and laboratory tests and are costly for producers and retailers. In addition, the IoA will introduce an internal audit system for farms using the Ecert Basic certification software from Organic Services. As a member of the Easy-Cert Group, CERES will work with Ecert, the world's leading software for certification management. Since Ecert, Ecert Basic and Check Organic are all based on the same ERP certification software, data and information can be easily exchanged between the systems. After BIOFACH, Mr. Garaev visited Organic Services for a two-day training in Tutzing to get to know Ecert Basic and Check Organic in detail. We look forward to our cooperation!

Organic Services is an international strategy and management consultancy, specializing in organic food, sustainability and development matters. We draw on 30 years of experience and a global network on all continents. Our services have an interdisciplinary focus, and include, among others, market development and studies, product sourcing, consultancy in certification and accreditation, renewable energy (biogas), and conferences and knowledge transfer through the organization of trade fairs study tours.

Organic Services is internationally known for its outstanding expertise for quality management and software-based audit and traceability tools. As the global sales partner of Intact GmbH, the service provider of the best-in-class certification and audit management solution, Ecert, we are experts in integrity management solutions. Examples include, besides several successful industry consultancies at national and international levels, »Check Organic«, providing many different functionalities to enhance supply chain integrity, and »Group Integrity«, for the administration of (internal) control systems for smallholder groups, companies with contract production as well as local certifiers, and finally "Ecert Basic", an off-the-shelf version of Ecert for the management of the audit/ certification process for local/ small certifiers.


Since our foundation in 2004, we have specialized in providing software-based solutions which enable organic producers, processors, traders and certification bodies to manage traceability, quality, audit and certification processes along their supply chains. With these tools at hand and vast expertise and experience in the organic sector, we are regularly involved in national and international projects, advising entities such as GIZ, FAO, NOP and public authorities. Following an interdisciplinary approach, we also offer strategic and organizational business development, market research, trade support, project and event management. We draw on a global network of like-minded business partners on all continents and are known for our ability to focus on their specific needs whilst keeping an eye on the big picture at the same time.


We at Organic Services share the vision that, if managed and monitored conscientiously and efficiently at the same time, the organic sector cannot only supply healthy, nutritious food for everyone, but enable all supply chain parties to make an honest living on which they can build a sustainable future. In this way, organic production and trading practices can serve as a blueprint for any industry that is willing to change towards more transparency, fairness, and sustainability.


Although we are rooted in the organic sector, we don’t shy away from stepping out of our comfort zone. We are passionate realists who prefer pragmatic solutions over idealistic pipe dreams. Curious, creative and open minded, we are keen to think outside the box, to question the obvious, to analyze and re-analyze a problem from different angles and thinking things through to the end. By always thinking one step ahead, we can help you to develop ideas and break new ground.

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