Natural Juices and canned foods without chemicals

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19 nominations in the
"100 best goods of Russia" contest

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Do not contain preservatives, colorants, flavorings, artificial food additives and GMOs.

Tasteful, high-quality, natural product
and high in vitamins and minerals.

They contribute to the improvement of the cardiovascular system, increase the body's resistance, normalize blood pressure, stimulate the formation of gastric juice, activate metabolism, improve bowel function, and help eliminate harmful substances from the body. Contain not more than 1% sugar or salt.

Juices and raw materials are produced in the ecologically clean region of Dagestan,
in the picturesque village of Lower Keger. Keger Cannery has been operating since 1965 exclusively in accordance with GOST. The plant’s products won 19 times in the contest “100 Best Products of Russia” , this is a unique case in the history of the contest.

In the next season, we plan to certify these products according to the Organic standards of the EU, USA, Japan. We didn’t have time for this - winter ...


“Tasty as in childhood!” - customers say about our juices.



From customer reviews:

"I tried their juices Keger (Dagestan). I made a discovery for myself! To begin with, I myself have long given up practically any purchased juices. I prefer to drink all kinds of teas, water or self-brewed compotes and fruit drinks. But at the same time I really like juices with pulp. Such you won’t cook it for yourself, or I’m not very talented for this)) Therefore, sometimes I drink (on occasion) such juices or even eat fruit and berry purees, but the same story is everywhere: if the juice is cloyingly sweet and the ingredients the label must contain something frightening, and if mashed, then in aftertaste is always felt some kind of chemistry. So, I decided to try Keger juice. At first, of course, I lamented that it was written there. I didn’t find any E ..., preservatives or other scary words. But it tasted better, than I expected. Here are really delicious juices! I settled on apple with pulp for myself! But at Keger I still really liked Uzvar from wild apricots (in common people - compote). I recommend it to everyone! Personally, I was reminded of the taste from childhood. And by the way, girls - there are at least calories! On 100 gr. 36 kcal! Not sweet! No cloying! Yes, here's another thing: I often have an allergic reaction to something eaten or drunk. I am an indicator. For me you can check and test different products))) And for sweets and sugar - definitely and almost always. Alas, for this reason I almost do not eat sweets, cakes and other goodies. I drink these miracle juices and the Uzvar for the second month and so far have not found any allergic reactions in me.

Total! Friends, after almost two months of thoroughly checking Keger juices and compotes for myself, I can safely rate five out of five and recommend it to all lovers of apples and apricots! "

- Anastasia, Moscow


Speech by director of the Druzhba plant, Keger juice producer, Aripov Magomed Khalidovich at the Inerorganic 2017 conference.

He tells what is good and what is bad in fruits and vegetables and products made from them, and why the label says “Zer gut!”. And international organic certifiers comment on his speech.

“The video episode that we shot in December 2017 seemed to be forgotten already, but not the people who are imprinted on it and not their words. Someone knows these people, someone is familiar, they are deeply respected not only by me, but and many people.Magomed Aripov, director of the Druzhba canning factory, which has been producing the most delicious juices and preserves for more than 50 years, has been working there right after the institute, we have been cooperating with it since 2015 and so far there hasn’t been more decent in my life and more sincere person and business partner, his great His human values ​​are reflected in everything, including in products in which for over 50 years there has never been a gram of chemistry, nor in raw materials, nor in the final product, for which there is a low bow. And the second person, German Herald, can feel free to call the father of German organics, a man with the same great values, worried about everything living on this planet, one of the founders of IFOAM and Demetra and even at the start their director, now the founder of Organic Service, which is engaged in the automation of production processes and control of organic production Worldwide. Thanks to him, on the shelves we can buy "honest" organic. I wrote this post because these people are more than teachers for me, each of them is like a father who sets the path to the true!) "


- Ivan Garaev, Director
Institute of Organic Agriculture

The event was organized by the Institute of Organic Agriculture , the National Organic Union and the Birch Fund with the participation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Russian Agricultural Inspection , the international certification company ACert , the service company Organic Services GmbH and the international association IFOAM - Organics International .



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